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A laptop’s portability is as good as your backpack. Today, there is such a wide variety of backpacks for you to pick out from, depending on your needs. They are so feature-rich, emphasizing comfort and practicality. Laptops can be very expensive, and carrying them in regular backpacks may subject them to a lot of shocks that could damage them.

Getting a laptop backpack is an investment into the longevity of your laptop. As laptops become more ubiquitous, the market has responded with a variety of options. Laptop bags today are more stylish than they have ever been. Here we are going to take a look at some of the best gaming laptop backpack options to ensure your rig is kept safe and protected when you are on the move. So, let’s get right into it.

Gaming Laptop Backpack Reviews

Acer Predator Utility Gaming Backpack

This backpack is designed for practicality. The people at Acer understand that their laptops are investments, and as such, they have worked to develop a backpack to protect your laptop wherever you are. It has water-resistant fabric to ensure you can go outside without worrying about damaging your laptop.


This is a great laptop backpack for someone working outdoors. The backpack has multiple compartments to house your laptop, its accessories, and whatever tools you would like to take with you. The backpack also has a rugged construction to allow it to be as useful as possible out in the wilderness if need be.

The fabric is made of weatherproof high-density polyester. This allows you to comfortably use it in all weather, whether it’s rain or even snow. All the materials used in its construction are military-grade in their durability.


  • Has a water-resistant coat and zipper that ensure it is waterproof
  • It has mesh in the back to allow for free ventilated movement of air
  • Concealed button pocket for extra storage space for accessories such as adapter bricks and power banks
  • It has a handle that goes through the entire body of the bag
  • It has an interior headset strap
  • Stylish, coming in black highlighted by teal accents


  • The backpack can be quite bulky
  • The material in the internal pouch is made from low-quality nylon

Lenovo Legion 17” Armored Backpack II

This laptop backpack is designed and made for gamers; it combines style, convenience, and ruggedness to meet their unique demands. It is built to make sure that your laptop is protected at all times during transit, exhibited by its rock-solid shield on the front for extra protection for the laptop pouch.

The laptop is also designed for comfort with padding in the back, ample ventilation, and adjustable shoulders and chest straps. This convenience is only amplified by the luggage-like handle that crosses right through the body of the backpack.


This laptop backpack is made for gamers. It is made with a useful compartment to increase overall convenience. The laptop compartment is large enough to accommodate all laptops up to 17.3” and has additional compartments for various tools and accessories.

The design of the laptop backpack immediately jumps at you with its sleek minimalist style. Its aesthetic suits the gaming culture but is understated enough to fit anywhere. The design has been made in consideration of durability, as the molded shield in the front conforms to its design language.

The laptop backpack is uncompromising in its durability. Your laptop and all your accessories will be safe in the ultra-high density dome-shaped front shield. The security is only enhanced by water-resistant fabric made from synthetic leather that covers it. Its shape also ensures the goods inside the bag receive as little shock as possible, with most of it being absorbed by the mold.


  • The laptop backpack is very stylish
  • The backpack is very durable
  • It has padding on the back to allow for comfort and proper ventilation
  • It is convenient given the many separate pockets to keep all your tools and accessories
  • The backpack is also very spacious with enough room for all your accessories


  • The rigidness of the backpack makes it hard to cram in a lot of things
  • The zipper tends to jam and even break

YOREPEK Laptop Backpack

Founded in 2017, the YOREPEK laptop backpack has strived for excellence. As a result, they design all their backpacks, aiming to improve with each iteration they release. Their work has garnered a lot of attention not only in the domestic market but also in the international community for its quality.

The bag is also very organized, owing to many of its pockets. With over 20 pockets, the bag has enough compartments to keep all your things separate for a large number of small items. It is also comfortable enough for long trips or even to go outdoors.


This backpack is spacious, with enough room, up to 18.4 inches, to hold even the largest laptops. The spacious room in the bag is divided into over 20 small compartments to have enough space for all your accessories. This ample space makes it great for long travels, which are supported by the bag’s ability to open to 180 degrees to ease the TSA.

The backpack design is made to be durable and last just as long. The backpack is made from sturdy polyester that is resistant to water. This allows you to use your backpack in the rain with little worry of damaging your laptop. To withstand harsh conditions, the backpack has a large, sturdy zipper to ensure it does not break. This makes it great for hiking.

A good backpack should be comfortable. This backpack was designed with this idea in mind, with a U-shaped three-dimensional design on the back to ease ventilation. It also has a sizable breathable mesh on the shoulders; this helps take off some of the stress on the shoulders allowing you to be more comfortable.


  • The backpack is very durable
  • It has a large capacity
  • The convenient 180-degree space makes it great for airline travel as it can quickly be cleared by the TSA
  • It is very comfortable with features that allow ventilation on your back when in use
  • The bag is very organized with its many pockets allowing you to arrange all your tools and accessories


  • The zipper is prone to failure
  • The shoulder straps are of poor quality

MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack

This company has been at the cutting edge of technology as they continue to pursue excellence and innovation in the way we work and game. They have taken their expertise in key areas like AI, cloud computing, and business computing and have used it to create a suitable backpack.

The bag has a smaller laptop compartment that fits smaller to medium laptops up to 17 inches. It also has additional slots for carrying and organizing accessories. It has all the necessary straps to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, a convenience that is only elevated by having two water bottle holders.


MSI has a reputation for developing high-powered machines for use in intensive fields such as gaming AI development, cloud computing, business enterprise, and robot appliances. The company has gone ahead and developed a laptop bag that can safely carry the often expensive machines they make.

The bag’s construction is made from polyester, making it lightweight without sacrificing the toughness that comes with it. It also has a padded mesh to allow for ease of ventilation, making the bag easy to lug around. This comfort is only enhanced with adjustable straps, which makes it easier to carry 17-inch laptops.

The laptop bag pricing is relatively high compared to other bags in the same price range. However, the backpack more than makes up for it with its high-quality build and materials. The backpack fabric both looks and feels good. This degree of quality is also reflected on the straps, which feel great and distribute the stress from the shoulders.

The laptop backpack is very spacious. It easily carries large 17-inch laptops. This space is also complemented by a power cord and mouse compartments that are also large enough. The backpack design allows it to accommodate a large cooling pad, which helps keep your laptop cool during transit.


  • Convenient with its top handle that goes all the way through the body of the backpack and adjustable straps for more comfort
  • The bag is water-resistant and repellent with an IPX rating of 2
  • The bag has space for two water bottles which makes it great for use when outdoors
  • It has roomy compartments that can easily carry a 17-inch laptop
  • It has extra room in the base pockets for more stuff


  • The backpack does not have enough padding at the bottom to protect it from any accidental drops
  • The backpack has a tendency to start breaking at the seams

FENRUIEN 17.3 Inch Hard Shell Laptop

FENRUIEN, as a brand, is focused on offering professional backpacks. They aim to combine convenience with a stylish design to make your life easier and still look good. The result is not only a bag that can carry expensive laptops safely but one that is ideal for most uses, including travel and vacations, outdoor activities, trips, and even shopping.

The minimalist design gives it a modern edge while not sacrificing the aesthetics. It makes it a great bag for just about anyone, be it your mother, brother, or student. The design also allows the backpack to accommodate people of different age groups due to its black and neutral colors. The backpack does, however, not come with a lock and key on purchase.


The bag is suited for travel on airlines; it can open up to 180 degrees to make sure checks are easy enough through airport security like the TSA. The laptop compartment has velcro flaps that keep the laptop intact when going through airline security; this guarantees its safety as it does not just fall off.

The laptop bag is designed to be easy to use for a long time. It has a silicone handle, allowing you to carry the backpack for hours on end without your hand becoming sore from it. You can hold the bag through your travels around the world and barely notice it was with you the whole time.

To add to its convenience, the bag has elastic pockets on both sides. This allows the bag to be able to carry two water bottles regardless of size. The elasticity also supports the carrying of contact umbrellas easily. It also has an internal pocket that provides extra storage for any computer accessories you may have.

The laptop backpack is designed for comfort. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, which, with the antislip chest strap, helps reduce some of the stress on the shoulder. It also has a complex honeycomb-designed back pad that helps with the spread of heat accumulated during use. This makes it great for longer trips and backpacking.


  • It has a sturdy design that guarantees the security of the backpack with its waterproof and shock absorbing abilities
  • It features a smart design demonstrated by the protective cover and the in-built USB charging system
  • It has a stylish minimalist design that will fit in just about any situation
  • It is secure given the custom locks that will protect anything in the hard shell of the backpack
  • The backpack is spacious with multi-compartments to help keep you organized


  • Zippers tend to break after some use
  • Locks also tend to get stuck
  • It can be quite bulky while not being flexible, making it hard to fit in small spaces


We have highlighted some of the best laptop backpacks on the market. All of them score highly on all the necessary criteria like security, durability, and construction materials. We believe that a good laptop backpack would do more than tick boxes.

The MSI Raider Gaming laptop is our pick for the best gaming laptop backpack. This backpack is the best all-around. It is stylish while maintaining its security features, all while remaining comfortable.

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