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If your work desk is fully equipped with items like a laptop, printer, and monitor, it can be challenging to create more space for your other tasks and items. Luckily, a laptop arm mount can do the trick for you. Arm mounts do more than open up space on your desk. They can be excellent for mounting extra screens, especially if you need multiple displays to handle your tasks.

An expansive screen area with multiple monitors offers greater interaction without switching windows or screens. Their adjustable heights and laptop trays allow you to work while standing if you feel drained from sitting down for too long. 

If you plan to get one of these reliable and convenient devices, there are quite a few models available on the market. But with all these choices, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you and your needs. Below, we are going to take a look at the best laptop arm mounts available today so you can find the one that suits you best. So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Best Laptop Arm Mount Reviews

Comparison Chart

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HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount with Tray for 13- 27 inch, Fully Adjustable Laptop Notebook Desk Mount up to 17 inch, Weight up to 22lbs, Extension with Clamp and Grommet Mounting Base
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WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount for 1 Laptop Notebook up to 17 inch, Fully Adjustable, 22 lbs Capacity with Vented Cooling Platform Stand (M00LP)
VIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand – Fully Adjustable Extension with C Clamp (STAND-V001L)
41oBVPgaRoL. SL500
Mount-It! Laptop Desk Mount with Monitor Arm | Dual Laptop and Monitor Stand with Clamp and Grommet Base and Ventilated Tray
41qgTetShWL. SL500
UPGRAVITY Laptop Desk Mount, Single Laptop Computer Mount with Vented Tray for 1 Notebook up to 17 inch, Heavy-Duty Laptop Stand Mount Holds up to 17.6 lbs, Fully Adjustable, Clamp/Grommet Mounting

1. HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

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This flexible monitor mount from HUANUO features a tiltable tray to make your workstation multifunctional. It is sturdy and has a superior-quality ergonomic monitor mount that lets you simultaneously control various spreadsheets or programs, thereby enhancing your productivity.

The long arms of the stand and its fluid articulation make it easy to find the optimal angle at an ergonomic and more comfortable level. You can also convert the mount into a monitor stand capable of supporting various monitors and laptops.


The HUANUO monitor and laptop mount is a universal mount featuring a Notebook tray. It has a considerably long 16-inch laptop monitor arm to ease adjustment with the sturdy stand accommodating many 13 to 27-inch monitors with weights of up to 22 pounds.  

The laptop and monitor mount is motion and height adjustable, and the arms tilt, rotate, and swivel with ease. It has flexible triple joint arms (die-cast) capable of swiveling 180° at every joint, allowing swinging out and into position. These arms also extend up to 17 inches in length. The mounting head can tilt +/- 90° up or down, swivel 180° in or out, and rotate 360° clockwise or counterclockwise. 

This mount stand is available with a grommet mounting kit and C-clamp. It allows you to fix the stand and hold the monitor using the clamp or a hole on the desk if one is available. The C-clamp can mount to desks with a thickness of up to 4 inches, whereas the grommet mounts to thicknesses of up to 3 inches. 

The adjustable mount also has a table tray that offers optimal screen placement. The laptop monitor stand adds to your working comfort, thereby enhancing productivity by capitalizing on dual screens to reduce the need to switch between screens for various applications. With the right position, you can significantly reduce eye and neck strain. 

The process of mounting the monitor is simple with the detachable VESA plates. All the necessary hardware and tools are available for easy assembly of the stand to get set up quickly. 


  • Complete motion laptop monitor mount
  • Two options for installation
  • Features a removable VESA plate
  • Ergonomic with a tray


  • Rather wobbly during use
  • The pole could be taller

2. WALI Laptop Mount

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The WALI laptop mount enables you to elevate your laptop to an ergonomically ideal viewing height, reducing back and neck stress for the user. It is made from superior-quality metal materials and has a vented tray to ensure your laptop gets the air it needs for cooling. For durability and stability, tighten the VESA plate nut using a wrench to avoid wobbling the laptop. 


This WALI laptop mount provides unrivaled compatibility as it can fit notebooks and laptops up to 17 inches. It also accommodates monitors up to 27 inches and a maximum weight of 22 pounds per arm. It has detachable mount plates and an adjustable height compatible with 75mm by 75mm and 100mm by 100mm. 

The stand has a ventilated design with vented holes on the laptop’s detachable tray to enhance airflow while maintaining a cool environment as the device runs. Furthermore, the tray is easily adjustable and can tilt at +/-15° giving you an ergonomic and more comfortable view of your work on the laptop.

With it, you have more than one installation option thanks to the two-stage C-clamp locking system and 4-inch diameter grommet base. The two systems are compatible with 4-inch desk thicknesses.

The mounts also offer multiple adjustments with the high-quality arms extending and retracting and can be adjusted easily on a 16-inch pole to offer +/-90° swivel and tilt. This allows you to adjust the viewing angle, whereas the 360° rotation allows you to shift from landscape to portrait mode. However, tilting the laptop tray is only possible at an angle of 15°. 

You can now use your desktop and laptop simultaneously without switching screens. The laptop tray has venting holes that facilitate airflow, with the tray measuring 14 inches in length by 11 inches in width and a 0.75-inch protrusion at the bottom lip. 

The package comes with a mounting hardware kit and a user manual, and you get a 10-year warranty with the product.


  • Motion range of 360 degrees
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting due to sturdy design 


  • The laptop tray only tilts through 15°
  • No clockwise swivel at the VESA mount

3. VIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand

If you want to clear your desk completely, look no further than this VIVO laptop desk stand. With it, you can mount your laptop onto a pole and clamp hanging off your desk’s corner. The setup is a popular practice in lab and industrial environments where there is a need to access the computer, but it is not desired on the work surface. 

This single laptop desk mount from VIVO allows you to accomplish this cheaply. It is simply a steel pole with a rigid clamp to attach an arm. The arm then holds your laptop tray. The 14 by 12-inch tray dimensions make it sufficiently large, and it can handle a maximum of 22 pounds without fail. As such, it is an ideal option for almost all laptops.


This stand from VIVO has an arm capable of mounting at any desired height up to 17 inches. The clamp also comes with padding that protects your desk surface from scratches or any markings. This damage-safe system saves you the need to drill mounting holes. Alternatively, a grommet mount is available. 

The arm can swing around the pole through an angle of 360°, and it is possible to adjust the laptop tray angle. There is even ventilation on the tray arranged in a Swiss cheese configuration of holes to maintain device coolness. The package also features a monitor bracket for hanging gaming monitors. 

The adjustable arm provides you with +/-90° tilt, a swivel of 180°, 360° rotation, and a center pole height adjustment. All you need to do is position the tray at your preferred position for optimal comfort.

The ventilated 14 by 11.5-inch tray is made to accommodate most notebooks and laptops and can support a maximum of 22 pounds in weight. It can mount to desks with thicknesses of up to 3.25 inches with the option of a grommet mount or rigid C-clamp. 

The high-grade aluminum and steel construction and a rigid C-clamp or grommet (optional) guarantee that the laptop is held securely. You can convert the mount into a monitor stand with VESA-compatible screens to support many monitor and laptop brands on the market.

You are provided with all instructions and hardware for easy assembly. The stand offers dual mounting options for compatible laptops or monitors of up to 32 inches. It can also accommodate 38-inch ultrawide screens.  


  • Few steps to install
  • Flexibility in articulation
  • Padding to protect your desk’s surface
  • Sturdy steel construction 


  • Adjustments require an Allen wrench
  • Takes time to figure out positioning 

4. Mount-It! Arm Mount 

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With this Mount-It! laptop mount, you can reduce back and neck pain as it improves your posture. It offers great convenience, and with a height adjustment of more than 19 inches, it is easy to identify the ideal position, whether you are tall or short. This mount is compatible with nearly all desks and allows easy organization of the desk space by keeping the area clutter-free for you to concentrate on what you are working on. 


Welcome universal compatibility into your workspace with this laptop mount from Mount-It! It has a monitor arm that is compatible with many laptops on the market. It can accommodate notebook and laptop weights of up to 22 pounds and with its integrated cable management, maintaining the organization and cleanliness of your cables is simple. 

The laptop and monitor stand features a versatile grommet and C-clamp mount you can attach to desks with thicknesses of below 3.8 inches. It is capable of holding up to 17 pounds, with the monitor attachment holding screens between 17 and 32 inches. Swivel, tilt, and rotate to figure out an ideal viewing angle. The laptop monitor mount works on static or standing desks and can be installed easily in under 10 minutes. 

You get an ergonomic workspace that helps you avoid shoulder and back pain through easy arm adjustment to a comfortable position. This improves your posture and overall efficiency. You also create extra desk space by raising the laptop. 

The enhanced heat dissipation is one of the benefits of the laptop tray design; it efficiently keeps the laptop cool. The array of vent holes lets the computer fans eject hot air from the laptop, thus preventing overheating. This ventilated tray has dimensions of 14 by 11.8 inches (width and depth) and features a securing lip that firmly holds your notebook.

Installation is a breeze with all the necessary hardware and tools provided. The rigid C-clamp has an integrated double lock and guarantees stable mounting to your desk for laptops or 17.7-inch monitors. 

The complete 360° arm motion makes the desk mount flexible with an 85° and 90° tilt up and down, respectively, 360° rotation, and 360° swivel for utmost laptop placement convenience. Lastly, the pole’s 17.7-inch height facilitates the up and down center movement of the tray for eye-level adjustment. 


  • Fast installation
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Ergonomic design is great for anyone
  • Complete range of arm motion


  • No mouse platform

5. UPGRAVITY Computer Mount

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UPGRAVITY’s laptop mount offers excellent convenience as it is compatible with ultrawide displays. One monitor mount can accommodate most 13 to 35 inches curved and flat computer screens with 75mm by 75mm and 100mm by 100mm VESA patterns. Its upgraded rigid design can hold a monitor weighing up to 30.8 pounds. 

As a result of the enhancement of the gas spring system, you can extend this monitor arm forward to a maximum of 22.8 inches and adjust it to a height of up to 20 inches. This makes it an excellent addition to your sitting or standing desk arrangement. 


This laptop desk mount lets you lift your notebook or laptop from the desk to a more comfortable ergonomic height. It provides a better viewing angle, encouraging the right back and neck posture. This is essential to enhance work efficiency and boost office health. 

You can fit notebooks and laptops of up to 17 inches on this mount, which can also accommodate 32-inch monitors with 75mm by 75mm VESA mounting holes and weight support of up to 17.6 pounds. Dimensions of the detachable ventilated tray are 11.8 by 10.4 inches and facilitate switching between screens and laptops as desired. 

The ultrawide monitor arm has a tilting angle of +90°/-45°, swiveling angle of 180° and 360° rotating angle from landscape to portrait mode, offering you greater flexibility and a comfortable view while helping relieve pressure from your shoulders, spine, and neck.

The adjustable laptop offers you complete arm motion with a tilt of 90°, swivel of 180°, rotation of 360°, and center pole height adjustment. The three joints of the arms let you adjust the notebook position anywhere. 

Installation of this laptop monitor mount is quite easy with a grommet or clamp mount. All required hardware and tools are provided to ease the assembly procedure. In addition, you can get in touch with the friendly customer support team to enquire about a product or seek guidance on installation.

Keep your AV and power cables neat and tidy with the detachable clips available on the center pole and arms. The clips maintain the organization and guarantee the safety of the cables, allowing you to enjoy gaming, viewing, or working for hours without distractions or trip hazards and in comfortable surroundings.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Great compatibility
  • It helps maintain a healthy workstation
  • Features a system for cable management 


  • It may require numerous adjustments to prevent sagging

Final Verdict

Laptop stands are a simple yet practical solution to raise your screen to eye level. With this little tweak, you can maintain a better posture and reduce eye and neck strain as you work from your desk. The above models will offer you the best service in your office or at-home workspace.

If you want a cheap model, go for UPGRAVITY. For those who want a simple one-arm stand, VIVO is an excellent choice. If you have heavy laptops, we recommend the HUANUO and WALI stands that can accommodate up to 22 pounds. 

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