Best Laptop Backpack For Women

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A laptop backpack is a hybrid backpack and laptop case with the features of both combined in one single bag. This is great because it often becomes cumbersome to carry both when you are commuting to remote places.

The laptop backpacks we are looking at are designed for women to make their lives a bit less complicated. For your convenience, we put together a list of some of the best and most popular laptop backpacks for women.

If you are intrigued to know more about these interesting pieces of gear, keep on reading and maybe find one that will suit you.

Best Laptop Backpack For Women Reviews

Vintage Laptop Backpack From Modoker

When it comes to making the most comfortable laptop backpack for women, this company excels. It comes with many great features and is spacious enough to be used for different purposes, like for college or light traveling.


This backpack is designed to fit snugly on your bag to prevent it from falling around while on the move. It also comes with easily adjustable straps to quickly adjust it to fit over your shoulders for better comfort.

This backpack may not be fully waterproof, but it is splashproof for when you accidentally spill some liquid on it. It is made from durable, scratch-resistant materials and will not easily tear to make it last much longer.

With up to six different compartments and large main storage, you can easily organize the content, and it is padded to protect your gear. With ample padding on most of the pockets, this laptop backpack will help keep your gear and valuables protected against damage.

A large 25-liter main storage compartment provides you with a lot of storage space for larger items. You will be able to store all your electronics and books with your laptop in the larger compartment for better protection.

For students or on-the-go working women, this laptop backpack is ideal for keeping everything together in one place while traveling. 

Without that extra strap attached to this laptop backpack, you can not carry it over your shoulder as a shoulder bag. This is not a great issue, but it might be inconvenient for those who are always in a hurry.

There might also be some issues where some people experienced the zipper getting stuck in the open or even close position. If you are not careful, you might break the zipper and render that storage space unsafe to use or even useless.


  • The backpack is made durable to last longer
  • It can be used for a range of different applications
  • It is easy to clean and keep clean
  • This backpack is available in different colors


  • This laptop backpack can not be carried as a shoulder bag
  • There might be some issues with the zipper

LoveVook Laptop Backpack For Women

When you carry this laptop backpack on your back, you make a fashion statement with a nice aesthetic design. It comes with all the features you need and is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and different sizes.


This laptop backpack is safe to use because you have an anti-theft pocket where you can keep valuables, like your cellphone. The USB port is also conveniently located close to that pocket to improve safety and convenience.

It is made with waterproof nylon materials to keep your items safe if you encounter bad weather or spill fluids on the bag. To further improve the overall durability, it comes with a steel frame to keep the bag rigid and in the perfect shape.

The reinforced corners of the bag mean it will not easily sag and your contents can not get damaged easily. It is also made with padding to further keep your electronics and other valuables safe from accidental damage while on the go.

It comes with large handles on top of the bag to make it easy to grab and go if you are in a hurry. For your convenience, it comes with soft padding to make it easier and more comfortable while carrying it on your back.

This laptop backpack is ideal for use by those who are constantly on the move because of their work and for students.

While this backpack is made sturdy, the stitching is not of the best quality, which may take away some durability. It also means if you are not careful, it might come loose, and that will cause your stuff to be lost while on the move.

With only one zipper on the large main pocket at the front, there is only one zipper, which might become an issue for some people. With two zippers, you could open it just wide enough to take out what you need on the go to prevent loss.


  • This backpack is waterproof
  • It is available in a wide range of colors
  • Includes an easily accessible USB port
  • Safe with an anti-theft pocket


  • The stitching is not very durable
  • It has only one zipper on the main front compartment

VSNoon Laptop Backpack For Women

The laptop backpack from VSNoon is made with style and functionality in mind to provide you with a practical and fashionable solution. The core value of the manufacturer is freedom and happiness and that is what you get from this nice-looking laptop backpack.


With stretchable side pockets added to this laptop backpack from VSNoon, you have extra storage for various items. These things may include a water bottle to keep you hydrated on the go or an umbrella or an umbrella for rainy days.

Inside the main storage compartment, there are several smaller storage sleeves to organize the content in the main storage better. It also comes with extra storage at the front for quick and easy access to the things you keep close at hand.

All main storage compartments come with double zippers to keep your stuff from spilling out while on the go. These zippers are made durable enough to make it easy to open and close the compartments on the go without getting stuck.

A convenient luggage strap is added to this backpack to easily attach it to your luggage when you are on a trip. It also comes with convenient handles at the top for quick and easy grabbing when you are in a hurry.

This laptop is made with durable materials to resist water spillage and keep your stuff dry when you encounter rain.

With only one size at your disposal, this backpack will not allow you to use it for anything larger than a 15.6-inch laptop. With only the one color at your disposal, those who love to have variety in color will be a bit disappointed with it.

The strap used on the laptop is not of the best durability and might wear out after some use. This is not great for those carrying a lot of stuff like heavy books, where it might break and leave you stranded.


  • Many different compartments to manage your storage space
  • A lightweight and durable construction
  • Easy to carry and use on the go
  • Water-resistant for extra protection


  • It is only available in one size and color
  • The strap is a bit mediocre quality

Laptop Backpack For Women From Vankean

Improved style and comfort are what you get from the versatile laptop backpack provided by this company. It also comes with all you need to keep everything from your laptop to your luggage safe and secure in one place.


If you are looking for a laptop backpack that is durable enough to withstand the handling of a traveler, this is it. It is made from high-quality and very durable nylon fabric to make it last for many years to come.

The zippers are all made from a strong material, so they will be able to withstand harsh treatment and last long as well. This means you will not sit with a zipper that is getting stuck thanks to the smooth opening and closing capability.

This backpack has a decent main storage compartment with space for all your stuff, so you will not have a shortage of storage. Extra side pockets provide space for your fluids to be kept separate from your electronics and other valuables.

With a special separate sleeve for your laptop, which is padded, you can keep it safe from accidental damage while on the go. With many extra storage bags and sleeves, you will have space for everything and manage your storage accordingly.

You will not be disappointed with the overall comfortable design and construction, which makes this laptop backpack ideal for many different traveling and carrying applications.

The inner linings of this laptop backpack are a bit flimsy and made of mediocre materials which may not last. It can easily be torn if you store heavy things in the main compartment and if you are not careful every time you use it.

It might not be a big issue for some, but some might get somewhat offended by the color problem. The color you receive may sometimes not be the same as advertised and might be of a different shade than expected.


  • It is available in two colors
  • Safe to use with a water-repellant feature
  • It has a separate laptop sleeve for added protection
  • A luggage strap is added for your convenience


  • The inner lining is a bit flimsy
  • You might get a different color than what you expect

Falanko Laptop Backpack For Women

The laptop backpacks from Flanko are made to last and are available in various colors and sizes to choose from. With so many extra features, you can not go wrong choosing this laptop backpack as your go-to bag for traveling.


A backpack is all about space, and managing that space to make everything easy to access if you are in a hurry. You get this with the nice large front sleeves for those extras you need to have close at hand.

With ample padding on the laptop sleeve, you will have the proper protection for your electronics while traveling and on the move. On the sides, you have large pockets to keep your water bottle or any other fluids to keep you hydrated.

Easy to use and large zippers make accessing your backpack much easier, especially in the main storage compartment. The zippers are durable materials to provide a non-stick, easy, and smooth opening and closing option.

To make it comfortable to carry, you have a wide shoulder strap added and handles at the top for quick and easy grabbing. This laptop backpack is designed to fit nicely on your back with quick and easily adjustable straps to improve the comfortable carry option.

This backpack for laptops is designed to be used for a wide range of applications, including students and working women.

If you intend to use this backpack for school or college, you might find the books will fit but only just inside the main compartment. This will mean that you can carry only the necessary books, but you can solve this by getting a larger bag at extra cost.

With only one zipper on the front compartments, it might be a bit inconvenient with the sleeve gaping wide open. This might increase the chances that you may lose something while you need to open it on the go.


  • These laptop backpacks are available in different sizes
  • A wide shoulder strap is added for your convenience
  • It has a durable construction to last longer
  • Easy to carry and use with all the extra straps


  • The width is a bit slim
  • You have only one zipper on the two front sleeves


The fact that you have different sizes and colors places the Falanko water-resistant laptop backpack for women in the first position in this line-up. Because of the safety feature and convenient opening and closing feature, the Vankean backpack for laptops is a worthy contender for second place.

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