Best Laptop Sleeve – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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With so many people living online these days, it is not strange to see every second person with a laptop under their arm. Seeing that this has become our lives, you need something to protect that precious laptop.

You need a good sleeve to put your laptop in for safety and protection when it is not in use. With so many nice laptop sleeves available, finding one that suits your personal preferences is not easy.

Below, we have a list of some of the best laptop sleeves that we put together to make choosing one easier. Without further ado, let’s see what these laptop sleeves have on offer.

Best Laptop Sleeve Reviews

Arvok 15 to 16 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Even though the one we selected is only 16 inches, Arvok sleeves are available in sizes of up to 17 inches for larger laptops. It is also great that you have several great features included to make using it more fun and convenient.


With the many colors to choose from, you can have a different laptop sleeve for every mood and outfit. It will be nice to have it available in different colors to fit in with your day’s outfit.

The neoprene materials used in making this laptop sleeve are strong and durable, which will make it last for a long time. It is also made with a shock absorption feature to keep your laptop protected against accidental damage inside the sleeve.

Furthermore, it is also made with a water-repellent capability to add to protect against accidental spillage. To keep your laptop secured, it is made with a triple protection layer to protect against dust and other environmental contaminants.

It was equipped with a strong and durable zipper that operates smoothly and will not get stuck easily, so it will last for quite a while. This also means that you have quick and easy access to your laptop inside the sleeve whenever you need it.

This laptop sleeve from Arvok is ideal for students and those traveling a lot with their laptops as it is protected on the go.

As it is with most things made from neoprene materials, you need to air it for a day to get rid of the smell. This might not be an option for those who want to use the sleeve from the word go.

There is no extra storage added with this sleeve where you can put other things like a mouse or a USB stick. Not all people are comfortable with the laptop’s mouse and want to add their own, but where will they store it?


  • These sleeves are available in various colors
  • It is made from durable and strong material
  • Extra protection added with the shock-proof feature
  • Easy and smooth working zipper


  • It needs to be aired to get rid of the smell
  • There is no extra storage added to this sleeve

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for a functional laptop sleeve that displays nicely, this is for you. Laptop sleeves from Mosiso also come in a wide range of sizes, so there is one for everyone who needs a sleeve for their device.


A great thing about this laptop sleeve from Mosiso is that it has an extra sleeve added to the side of the main storage. This means you can store a mouse or mobile phone and many other extras to keep them all together in one place.

The thick and soft inner layers of this laptop sleeve will help to give your laptop extra protection against damage. This is great because we all know that accidents do happen, and you do not want to have accidental damage to your precious laptop.

It is also made with a slim and lightweight design to display nice and flat even with a laptop inside it. This feature also makes it easy to put the sleeve inside a larger laptop case for added protection to your electronics.

Whether you have a notebook or a larger laptop, there is a sizing chart with many different sizes. To make it even more versatile, you have a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can use a different one according to your outfit or occasion. 

This functional and versatile laptop sleeve is a good choice for anyone who needs some protection for their laptop.

The corners of this laptop sleeve do not have padding added to provide extra protection for your laptop. This might not be an issue for some, but it might just land on that unprotected corner if it accidentally falls.

While it will crease easily, you will also find that it will not straighten easily, making it look and display not so good. You will be able to get it straightened, but it might take some time, which is not good for those in a hurry.


  • Many different sizes to choose from
  • Extra storage is added for extra items
  • Soft internal layers for extra protection
  • The sleeve will easily fit inside a laptop case


  • There is not enough cushioning on the corners
  • It will crease easily

Rose Pattern Laptop Sleeve From CanvasLife

As the title suggests, this sleeve is available in two nice rose patterns for those who need something other than the dull single color options. This laptop sleeve is designed with comfort and functionality to make it much easier and fun to use.


This laptop sleeve from CanvasLife is made from a special canvas fabric to make it a bit more durable and stronger. This means that you will be able to use your laptop sleeve for a long time to save you money.

It is made with a water-proof feature to keep your laptop dry inside the sleeve and further improve the overall functionality. Water or any other fluid will not seep inside when the zipper is closed to improve the safety factor further.

It also comes with a shock-resistant capability to further protect your laptop from an accidental drop or bump. A soft inner lining will keep your laptop even more protected against scratches and other unsightly damage when it is not in use.

The durable and strong zipper opens smoothly to provide you with quick and easy access to your laptop when you need it. With the dual zipper, you can easily access the inside without opening too wide to lose something when you’re on the go accidentally.

The overall design and durability with the extra side pocket added make this laptop sleeve student-proof and ideal for those who play and work hard.

Even though this sleeve comes in a nice floral design, it is not meant for everyone who needs a laptop sleeve. Some guys may not have the courage to carry their laptops in this feminine laptop sleeve, so they will not buy them.

It is also not available in different colors for other users, making it not an overall attractive option for all. Also, if you have a larger laptop, it is not available in a larger 17-inch size, taking away some versatility.


  • You have a lot of storage space available
  • Smooth operating zipper for quick and easy access
  • Very durable and lightweight construction
  • This laptop sleeve is water-proof


  • It is not for everyone out there
  • These laptop sleeves are not available in larger sizes

TomToc 360 Degrees Protective Laptop Sleeve

As it is with all products from TomToc, you can expect to get only good quality products from them, which is the case with this item. It comes with a range of features to make it comfortable to use as proper protection for your laptop.


The 360 degrees of protection provided for your laptop makes it great to use in even harsh conditions you may put it through. This is because of the highly resistant edge design to protect your laptop even against accidental drops or bumps.

The cushioning system on the inner lining provides even more protection against any rough handling and treatment for your laptop. It provides maximum shock absorption protection to keep your devices safe inside the sleeve when it is not in use.

You also get a one-year worry-free warranty to add to your peace of mind and back the claim for top-quality craftsmanship. Added cushioning on the inside protects your laptop at the corners of the sleeve for your convenience.

With an extra storage sleeve, you will not need to worry about a place to keep your charger and peripheral devices safe and secure. This extra storage sleeve also protects other smaller electronic devices such as your smartphone and other mobile devices.

The overall design of this laptop sleeve makes it ideal for those who need added protection for their laptops and other devices.

The zipper of this laptop sleeve is a bit tough to use and might cause you to struggle to open and close it. It would be best if you also were carefully using it because too much force might break it and leave you with a useless laptop sleeve.

The small round pads located on your laptop sleeve may be a bit abrasive and cause damage. Those pads will leave round marks on your device, so you need to add a small sleeve to prevent that from happening.


  • It is quite strong and durable
  • A nice storage sleeve was added for extra items
  • This laptop sleeve is available in different colors
  • Added protection for your laptop


  • The zipper is a bit tough to use
  • The inner layer pads may damage your laptop

Voova Laptop Sleeve Case

With this laptop sleeve, you have everything you need to make it a good choice for keeping your laptop safe when not in use. It is designed with one thing in mind: to protect your laptop all the time it is inside the sleeve.


The large accessory sleeve added to this laptop sleeve will be a good selling point for all laptop users. It is large enough to hold all your extra items like a charger or mouse, which makes it a good choice.

Even though it comes with a little higher price tag than most laptop sleeves, you get good value for your money. Extras come in the form of extra padding added to the inside to increase the overall protection factor of this laptop sleeve.

Both the main and side storage sleeves come with dual zipper options to further increase the safety feature of your electronic devices. The zippers are durable, with a smooth opening and closing option for easy access to both storage pockets.

The compact design makes it easy to fit into your laptop case and is available in various sizes for your convenience. Then there are the many colors you can choose from to have a wider choice of colors to fit your mood.

With the overall ease of use factor, this laptop sleeve is a favorite choice for the best sleeve for your laptop.

This laptop sleeve is designed for Macbook Pro 16, so if you have a larger 17-inch laptop, it will not fit. Those who have large laptops will have to look elsewhere for a proper protection sleeve for their laptops, which is a pity.

Hopefully, this will not happen to you, but if you have to return this laptop sleeve, you have only 30 days. This means you have to make sure everything is good with your laptop sleeve if you have to send it back.


  • It comes with a large accessory pocket
  • Smooth and strong zipper opening option
  • Different colors and sizes to choose from
  • It provides extra protection for your laptop


  • It is too small for larger laptops
  • You have only 30 days to return it


We decided that the versatile Mosiso laptop sleeve, available in different sizes and colors, is the number one choice in this lineup. The improved protection option you have with the Voova laptop sleeve for the smaller size laptops and lots of storage options is in second place.

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