Do Hardshell Cases Protect Laptops?

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It is natural to want to protect your laptop from accidental damage, which makes many people go for hardshell cases. But is a hardshell laptop case really the best option to protect that expensive laptop when you travel?

In this article, we will look at whether using a hard case to protect your laptop is the way to go. We will also look into what is the best way to keep a laptop protected while traveling or when it is not in use.

Keep on reading to find out for yourself whether the best protection for your laptop is a hardshell case or something else.

What Is a Hardshell Case?

This laptop case is normally made from a hard plastic that snaps onto your laptop for added protection. They also normally come in two pieces, where one piece is placed at the bottom and the other on top.

There are basically two different configurations when it comes to hard shell laptop cases, and they are:

The Snap-On Hard Shell Case

These snap-on hardshell cases normally don’t add extra protection to the laptop’s screen or keyboard. They are designed mostly for Mac books where the top fits over the bezel, and the bottom comes with ventilation holes.

It is also designed in such a way that it does not obstruct the communication ports that are found on the laptop. These snap-on hard shell cases for laptops can be used at all times, even while using the laptop.

These laptop covers are made from clear plastic materials and fit on the laptop the same as a cellphone cover. It is quite easy to attach and remove it from the laptop without causing any damage to your laptop or the cover.

While they do help to protect your laptop from falls and accidental bumps, there is no protection for the keyboard and screen. The problem with these hardshell cases is that you need to get the correct size for your laptop model for a perfect fit.

Snap-on hard cases are quite popular because they are available in different sizes and come in a wide range of colors. So when looking for one, you need to have your laptop model number at hand to get the right fit.

When it comes to protection, these cases are mostly used for aesthetic purposes by changing your laptop color and very little for protection. But they provide better protection against accidental bumps and falls than most standard laptop sleeves.

The Luggage Format Hardshell Laptop Case

They are also available in a suitcase format to add extra protection for high-end laptops such as gaming laptops. This hard case type is used when the laptop is not in use or while traveling for added protection.

These hard laptop cases are the ultimate protection for your laptop without becoming uncomfortable to carry around. They also have many great protective features, such as a high waterproof level, and they can even be shockproof.

Many gamers who use their laptops use this type of case while traveling for the better protection it offers. These laptop cases are also available in different sizes, and you can get them in various colors if you want.

This laptop case will protect your laptop from bumps and falls; even the screen is protected inside these cases. They are built like a fortress with soft foam layers inside the case to provide even more protection for your expensive gaming laptop.

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Other Types Of Laptop Protection

There are other types of low-level protection for your laptop if you don’t need to go to the extreme, and they are:

Laptop Sleeves

A laptop sleeve provides basic protection for your laptop when it is not in use or when you travel a lot. Laptop sleeves may provide shock protection and can even be waterproof to protect against accidental spilling of fluids.

Laptop sleeves are also available in various sizes and colors and are made from different materials. Some may even have added protection at the corners to protect your laptop from falls to a certain extent.

The materials used are soft, and some are more durable than others to provide at least some protection for your laptop.

Dust Covers

Dust covers are basically just used to cover the laptop from dust if it is not used for some time. This can be combined with the snap-on hardshell cover to provide added protection and keep the laptop clean.

They are not meant to protect the laptop from accidental damage.


We can see that these snap-on hardshell laptop cases are there to provide some protection against damage from falls and bumps. If you need more protection, you must use the fully enclosed luggage-type hard case to protect even the screen and keyboard.

Hopefully, this helps to understand which of these is the best protection for your laptop.

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