ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Review

ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Review
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ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad: QUICK OVERVIEW


Fan Size



What We Like

  • Multiple fans
  • Built-in bumpers secure the laptop in place
  • Three-year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Cooling is mainly to the center of the laptop

Did you know that overheating your laptop can lead to irreversible damage? Everyone should use a cooling pad to promote air circulation and prevent overheating.

Without something like the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, your computer’s lifespan will be cut short. This is especially true if you’re someone who likes working on the couch or leaves their laptop right on their desk.

With all of its features, you’ll be wondering why you never used a cooling pad before.

ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The main mission of the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is to protect your computer. Overheating is one of the main causes of laptops losing important files or breaking down over a shorter period. This is especially true if you’re someone who computes in a very warm environment. When your computer is unable to circulate air, its sensitive components become vulnerable and can fail easily.

The ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad also adds a cool aesthetic to your gaming setup. As you’ll likely invest a lot of money into gaming keyboards, mice, and your rig, you’ll want all of the accessories to look cool as well. Its sleek and stylish appearance makes it useful for offices and at-home gaming setups.

Who Is This Cooling Pad Meant For?

As you can tell, cooling pads are generally meant for people who use computers regularly. If you’re someone who browses the internet for a few minutes, you won’t find them too useful. However, if you work on a laptop or game on one, you’ll need a cooling pad.

They’re also a fantastic product to have while traveling. Instead of having to power your computer down when it gets too hot, these devices circulate air. Even if you like to work in bed, you’ll find the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad useful.

What makes this cooling pad so interesting is that it has ergonomic features as well. Not only will you be able to make your laptop healthier, but yourself as well. With different height settings, you can prevent neck and eye strain with ease.

What’s Included?

When you order the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, you’ll receive the cooling pad and the USB connector. You’ll need to use the USB connector to connect the fan to your laptop. Apart from those two items, there’s nothing else that you’ll need.

Overview of Features

The main features of the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad include:

  • 17” Laptop Compatibility

If you have a 17” (or smaller) laptop, you’ll be able to use the cooling pad. For larger computers, you’ll have to find a larger cooling fan as there’s only one size available.

  • Adjustable Height

As the only ergonomic feature of the cooling pad, there are three height settings to choose from.

  • Additional USB Port

As the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad uses a USB port on your laptop, it comes with an additional one. It’s essentially as if you’ll have your regular number of ports available.

  • Five-Fan Design

With five built-in fans, you’ll have up to 3894 RPM of air circulation. One fan is 140mm and the other four are 70mm.

  • Adjustable Settings

You can easily customize the appearance and power of your cooling fan based on your needs. The brightness of the LED lights is fully adjustable as is the fan power.

  • Silent Fans

Designed to be used in any environment, the fans of the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad operate silently.

How to Use It

You’ll find that using the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is simple. Even if you’ve never used a cooling fan before, all you have to do is plug it in. Once the device is plugged in, you can then use the controls to customize its power and appearance. As it comes with a USB cable, there’s no need to purchase extra equipment.


The ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is priced reasonably and has all of the features you need. However, we have found an alternative to consider as well. For approximately $14 more, you could invest in the Cooler Master NotePal X3, which features:

  • Heavy Duty Profile: You’ll find that the Cooler Master NotePal X3 offers superior longevity. Its heavy duty mesh surface is easy to pack and is very sturdy for most laptop sizes.
  • Front-Facing Vent: The vent for the cooling pad faces the front and gives a steady breeze to your hands.


Overall, the ENHANCE Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is a great investment. Instead of allowing your computer to get too hot while in use, it’s a useful protective device. It boasts adjustable height settings, as well as adjustable LED lights and fan speeds. We also love its stylish appearance that will add to the look of your gaming setup.

Above all else, it’s something that everyone can benefit from. Its modern look is something that fits perfectly in an office environment but it’s still cool enough to contribute to your at-home gear.

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