How to Choose a Laptop Backpack

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These days backpacks have become something we need for our day-to-day business. We carry office work, tools, gym gear, and laptops. If you are working or going to school, chances are you own a computer. Sometimes we forget how important our laptops are and how easily they can become damaged. When traveling with a computer, a backpack is a perfect companion. It will protect your computer and make it easier to carry.

How Do I Choose the Right Backpack for Me?

Choosing a laptop backpack can be a challenge. There are several things to take into account. Comfort, storage, appearance, and size should all be considered. Some come with a spot for a water bottle and some have compartments for paperwork. You can even get laptop backpacks with a location designed for your earbuds.

Do you have a special brand you prefer to purchase? Whatever your wants and needs are, there is a bag out there for you. We have brought together a few things to look for when buying a backpack. Keep these in mind to help you make the right choice.

Should You Ditch the Laptop Sleeve for a Backpack?

If you want more protection and comfort, then certainly buy one. Laptop sleeves don’t offer much in the way of comfort or security. Laptop sleeves usually don’t have straps. This makes it hard to carry with other items. They also don’t offer protection for hard bumps like in the case of the bus station—a place where everyone is pushing and banging into you in a rush. Laptop backpacks are the new trend, so it’s time to buy one!

Extra Storage

One important thing you need is separate pockets and compartments. You will have a charger, perhaps a mouse, and notebooks. Storing accessories in a different area will protect the laptop from scratches. Some backpacks have Velcro pockets that you can add or take off when not needed.

You can never have enough storage. The items you carry in your hands can even have their own pocket. No more dropping phones or wallets. Instead, tuck them safely in the bag with the laptop. Everything is kept in one place, protected together.

Can Be for Both Pleasure and Work

Using your laptop for work means some practical necessities. It needs to be easy to carry to and from a location. Catching public transport means you need extra padding. Peak hour comes with pushing and shoving. This is where your laptop needs protection.

If you ride a bike to school, a backpack is easy to use. No juggling anything in your hands or things getting in the way. Do you ride during the rain? You will need something that is waterproof. Laptops are not waterproof and can be ruined by water.

Size Matters

This might be a silly one, but we have to cover it. Some people forget to find a bag that fits the laptop comfortably. Not all bags will fit all laptops. Some models will only fit in certain bags. You can measure the laptop and bag to check the fit.

Why not take your laptop shopping and see how well it fits? Try not to buy the first one you find. Take your time and make the right decision. Quite often, people find something better when they take the time to shop around.


Not only is size and design important, but comfort too. It would be best if you had a bag that protects your back and shoulders. If you wear the backpack often, it can impact your shoulders and spine. Look for adjustable straps. The bag must sit at the right height for the best posture.

Adjustable straps mean each person can adjust to their own needs. Check over the straps and ensure they are fixed and firm. Any loose stitching should be avoided. Please give them a good tug. If they loosen up easily, they aren’t the best construction.

To increase the comfort level of the bag, aim for padded shoulder straps. Once you add everything into your bag, it can be pretty heavy. Padded and wide straps are the best option. This will allow the weight to be even on both sides of your body. The straps work to even out the weight to feel lighter than it is.

Water-Resistance is Important

Having a waterproof laptop backpack is reassuring. Sometimes you might be caught in the rain on the way home. If it pours rain, all the equipment in the bag is protected and kept dry. You are covered if you come off your bike and land in a puddle.

Make Sure the Bag is Good Quality

  • Suitable quality fabrics are essential. Make sure the materials used are solid yet lightweight. There is also a plastic casing option if you prefer a hardcover.
  • The zips on your laptop bag are crucial for keeping it secure. The zippers need to last as long as possible. Your entire bag is rendered useless if the zipper breaks.
  • Bags with extra padding are the best. Avoid hurting your shoulders when carrying the bag.
  • Adjustable straps enable you to customize the bag’s design to complement your unique body shape.
  • Additionally, your bag should be as comfortable as possible when you’re going to work or school.
  • Your laptop needs to be waterproof to stay protected from all weather conditions. The last thing you want is a wet laptop!
  • Scratch-resistant pockets are essential. These can be used to carry tablets, phones, or iPads.


Choosing a laptop backpack might seem like a challenging task. However, it’s easy once you know what you want in a pack. There are backpacks out there that offer the right amount of internal organization. You can have all that you need in one place.

Can’t find one that has everything you need? Consider going to a manufacturer and getting a custom laptop backpack made for you. Don’t be disorganized anymore. Get a handle on keeping everything together. The right laptop backpack is the one that suits your wants and needs.

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