How to Make Your Laptop Fan Quieter in Five Steps

How to Make Your Laptop Fan Quieter in Five Steps
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Over time, it’s likely your laptop is going to start making different sounds. One of the most common things users experience is a loud fan. As computers are designed to handle large games and high-resolution graphics, they have hardworking components.

The harder the components work, the hotter the laptop is going to get. This, in turn, causes your laptop fans to do twice as much work as normal.

Eventually leading to them wearing down or working insufficiently. If you’re looking for ways to learn how to make your laptop fan quieter, we have some fantastic methods.

How to Make Your Laptop Fan Quieter in Five Steps 2

Step 1: Check Your Surroundings

The very first thing you should do is to look at your surroundings. Are you working in a warm environment that causes the fans to turn on when they don’t need to?

Laptops working in 90-degree heat are going to operate differently than those in 70-degree heat. If there’s any way that you can moderate your ambient temperature, do so. You can use portable air conditioners, oscillating fans, or even opening a window to promote airflow.

You should also consider where you’re holding your laptop. Is it on top of a blanket that is blocking the air vents? If so, consider moving to a harder surface such as a side table or a laptop table. Anything blocking the air vents won’t allow the fans to get rid of hot air. Remember, the harder your fans work, the louder they’ll be.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Laptop

If you’ve cleared your surroundings but your fans are still being loud, it’s time to clean your laptop. You’ll want to focus primarily on the air vents and the fans. With a can of compressed air, clean the vents and the fans, making sure all dust is removed. Depending on how your laptop is built, this may require you to remove the back casing.

We do not recommend using any other cleaning solution apart from compressed air.

Once all of the dust and dirt has been removed, you can close up your laptop and power it on again. Run a heavy program to determine if the fans are working more silently. If not, move onto the next step.

Step 3: Kill Overwhelming Processes

Loud laptop fans are typically a direct result of your computer overworking. If you want to know how to make your laptop fan quieter, start to kill processes. The more pressure that’s put on the GPU, the more heat it will generate. You’re going to want to focus on limiting the demand on your rig. If you have any apps that are open and not being used, close them. This also includes any extra browser windows or tabs that you might have opened.

How to Make Your Laptop Fan Quieter in Five Steps 3

Next, look at the processes your computer is running. Are there any applications that are demanding too much power? If so, kill that process if your computer is not using it at that point in time. This is also a step to take if you’ve noticed your laptop is running slower than normal.

Step 4: Purchase a Cooling Pad

Still experiencing an incredibly noisy fan? Then it might be time to put some money into auxiliary items to help. Cooling pads are a fantastic choice for fans that are overworking themselves. This is because cooling pads are designed to do double, if not triple, the work of regular laptop fans.

Once the cooling pad is plugged into your laptop via a USB cable, it will start circulating air for your computer. In fact, with the right laptop cooling pad, your computer fans might not even need to be used.

Some of the higher-end cooling pads come with fantastic features such as temperature sensors and variable speeds. You can even find models that have built-in LEDs and additional USB ports. The best part is that they are incredibly affordable and help to add to the lifespan of your device.

Step 5: Replacing the Fans

If all else fails, a noisy laptop fan could mean that it needs a replacement. We all know that this is the last thing you’d want to hear, but it’s essential. If you’ve noticed a grinding or obnoxiously loud sound from your computer, the fan needs a little bit of TLC. We recommend taking your computer into a trained technician if you don’t have experience.

Otherwise, it’s important to find the right fan for your laptop and install it as soon as possible. The longer that you allow your laptop to overheat, the more damage it will cause. The last thing you’d want is to lose all of your important data because of total failure.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to make your laptop fan quieter can create a more comfortable work and gaming environment. With the right tips and tricks, you can likely fix it at home. However, if you find that the noise persists even after keeping the laptop cool, repairs may be in order. You can easily find a computer repair shop near you, even if you were to bring it into a big box retailer.

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