Is MSI a Good Gaming Laptop?

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Gaming laptops are, unfortunately, very expensive, especially those that provide outstanding performance. That being said, if it’s performance you’re after, then you really have no choice but to get your hands on a machine from MSI – one of the top laptop brands of all time, and the world’s leading PC and laptop manufacturer in high-end gaming.

But just how good is MSI, really? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article. Read on for more information.

Are MSI’s Gaming Laptops Any Good?

MSI has mastered the art of staying ahead of the curve, and they do this by bringing something new to the table with every release. The brand’s laptops are nothing short of innovative, and they incorporate only the latest in cutting-edge technologies, which makes them a fantastic laptop for gaming or otherwise.

Despite all of these pros, this isn’t what makes MSI stand out. If you’re an e-sports fan, then MSI is a brand that you’ve probably encountered already – a quick Google search will tell you that MSI is responsible for producing the world’s best gaming laptops.

MSI’s specialty is developing high-end gaming laptops. Its gaming performance is indeed as excellent as advertised, because of the fact that it combines game-enhancing features with powerful processors.

Core Strengths and Weaknesses

Some of the most defining features of an MSI gaming laptop are its solid-build quality and high-end graphics cards. Having a good graphics card is essential for creating a high-end gaming laptop since it is the component that is responsible for making games look as amazing as possible.

Another defining feature of an MSI gaming laptop is its sleek and compact design, which gives each of the brand’s machines an edgy and futuristic look. You can also expect long battery longevity when it comes to these machines. This is a feature that is essential for enjoying extended gaming sessions.

Of course, like any other brand, MSI is susceptible to the occasional drawback, with the most significant one being that their laptops are extremely expensive, often coming in at the several-thousand dollar mark. There’s also a distinct lack of variety when it comes to their working and budget laptops, as well as their technical support.

 repairman holding hands CPU to insert into the socket of the motherboard

MSI’s Key Components


You don’t have to be a tech nerd to know that the CPU, or central processing unit, of a laptop is the main chip that is responsible for essentially running the show. It goes without saying that this component has a massive role to play.

Any laptop’s performance is linked to how advanced its internal processor or CPU is. MSI’s processors come in four different types:

  • Intel Core i5
  • Intel Core i7
  • Intel Core i9
  • Intel Core i11

If you want your device to run as quickly as possible while you’re gaming, you’re going to want to choose processors with higher numbers. While the majority of budget laptops on the market make use of Core i3 processors, MSI is well aware that the i3 does not provide enough processing power to manage AAA gaming titles.

For the most part, all of MSI’s laptops use Core i5 and higher – they’re not in the business of cutting corners. The Core i5 is an entry-level chip that is most definitely capable of running most games but is certainly not going to last nearly as long as the Core i11, which happens to be the best alternative on the market right now.

The Graphics Card

Choosing a laptop with a good GPU – graphics processing unit – is essential for any enjoyable gaming experience. Since your computer game software is heavily dependent on graphics, the GPU is just as important as the CPU when it comes to good gaming sessions.

The gaming laptop models that MSI puts out are held in such high regard because they always come integrated with Nvidia GTX or RTX chips. Both of these graphics cards are specially designed for e-sports and are able to take the most demanding software that the gaming industry has to offer.

High-ultra AAA, HD VR gaming, and games with heavy simulations are no match for these cards. What’s more, the brand makes use of Discrete GPU Mode Switch Technology, which allows users to remedy issues with compatibility to improve performance while gaming.


In terms of quick data access, more RAM is always better. As video games become more and more taxing on systems, you’re going to need more and more RAM.

These days, most software requires a minimum of 4GB to 8GB of RAM for a decent gaming experience, but MSI takes it above and beyond. The brand starts its RAM range from 8GB all the way to a whopping 32GB for its best and most expensive models.

The best part is that RAM can be upgraded with ease.

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