Should I Get a Cooling Pad for My Laptop? The Pros and Cons

Should I Get a Cooling Pad for My Laptop
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Anyone who uses a laptop regularly will benefit from using a cooling pad. That is why there are far more pros than there are cons. With the ability to moderate the temperature of your laptop, cooling equipment is a smart investment. This is especially true if you don’t want to upgrade the inner components of your computer.

If you’ve been noticing your laptop has been overheating, it’s time to ask, “Should I get a cooling pad for my laptop?”

The Pros of Cooling Pads

1. Lower Temperature

The first and most obvious benefit of cooling pads is they give your laptop a cooler temperature. The lower the temperature of your device, the healthier it will be. Overheating is also one of the most common causes for people having to buy new computers.

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Not only do cooling pads prevent overheating in your laptop, but your environment as well. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than working on a laptop in a hot room. Without having to make any professional modifications to your computer, your laptop and room will stay cool. They are especially important for people who work in hotter conditions as well. A laptop will perform much better when exposed to 70-degree ambient temperatures than 100 degrees.

2. Sturdier Work Surface

Another huge advantage to a cooling pad is that it offers a much sturdier workspace. This is especially important for people who frequently play games in their bed or on the couch. With a sturdy surface, you won’t have to worry about adjusting your laptop. It also prevents accidentally allowing the laptop to slip off your lap.

Sturdier work surfaces are also essential for your physical health as well. Most laptop cooling pads give you the ability to adjust their height. This is essential for preventing eye strain and neck strain, especially when working on your lap.

3. User-Friendly Design

Everyone will be able to benefit from using a laptop cooler. This is because they are specifically designed to be simple to use. Elderly computer owners and kids will appreciate being able to use a cooler computer on their own. In most cases, these units are designed with a USB port that connects to your laptop. You then place your laptop on top of the cooling pad to help promote healthier airflow. With built-in settings, you can adjust the speed of the fans.

Another user-friendly feature that laptop cooling pads offer is extra USB ports. This means you won’t have to worry about the pad taking up a valuable port on your laptop. You’ll be able to attach any extra devices that you need.

4. Enhancing Your Setup

Although this doesn’t benefit the health of your laptop, cooling pads simply look cool. You can buy ones with built-in LED displays with alternating colors. Building an eye-catching gaming setup is fantastic, especially for your home office. With the ability to customize the colors and light settings of your cooling pad, you’ll have a unique setup.

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The Cons of Cooling Pads

1. Requires Research

Your laptop’s cooling pad is one of the most important things you will own. This means you’re going to have to do some research in order to find the right one. As they’re so popular, some brands make poor quality coolers that fail after a couple of months. It’s important to find one that will fit your laptop’s size, but that will also last.

You may also find that poor quality laptop cooling pads will deteriorate with heat. This means you’ll need to find a heavy-duty product that will deal with warmer temperatures.

2. May Blow Hot Air

With some laptop coolers, you’ll also have to look at how the hot air is dispersed. Some units will blow hot air from your laptop into your environment. This will increase the ambient temperature in your room and cause the laptop to overheat again.

Hot ambient temperature is one of the reasons why people ask, “Should I get a cooling pad for my laptop?” Not to mention it will also make you less comfortable while gaming. It’s advised that you find a cooling pad that blows cool air in a location that won’t be disruptive.

3. Not Universal

It’s important to remember that not everyone will need a laptop cooler. This is especially true if you’re not on your computer for more than an hour at a time. Many people buy cooling pads and find they don’t need one. These units are recommended for individuals who have experienced overheating laptops. Also, they’re very useful for older model laptops.

Final Thoughts

The main question is, "Should I get a cooling pad for my laptop?" Your answer is an overwhelming “Yes.”

Everyday laptop users that are tired of overheating computers certainly need one. With their user-friendly features, easy instructions for setup, and convenience, why not?

In addition, with the competitive nature of the market, they’re also very affordable. No matter if you need to circulate air between your computer and your desk or your lap, you’ll benefit from having one. We recommend finding a unit with customizable fan settings so you can make sure your laptop never overheats.

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