Should You Get a Laptop Stand?

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Laptops are essential for some, especially those working from home. The good thing about laptops is the flexibility they offer. But unfortunately, laptops are not a good ergonomic choice for long shifts.

Laptops are compact and small with the screen attached. In most cases, you might find yourself hunched over the computer to get closer to the screen. If you spend more than a few hours in front of the computer, you are at risk. Neck pain, upper back pain, and muscle strain are all common when using a computer.

This can lead to lower productivity at home or the office. A laptop stand is perfect for solving this problem. Laptop stands are readily available and the easiest ways to improve your posture. In addition, many are now working from home, which makes a laptop stand essential for all. As a result, you can work for longer periods and be more productive without any risk to your body or health.

Benefits of a Laptop Stand

There are many advantages when it comes to a laptop stand. Let’s go through them!

Gain a Better Height by Adjusting the Screen

A laptop stand helps elevate the computer to a more health-friendly position. This will also raise the keyboard, meaning you don’t need to get another one. Mice and keyboards can come via Bluetooth or corded. Finally, make sure your forearms and elbows are sitting at desk level when positioning your screen. This alteration can be done by changing the height of your chair.

Organizing the Cords and Cables

Having some organization with your cords offers less strain on devices and their plugs. Stands work well for this and help to keep rooms clean and organized. In addition, there are spots underneath the stand where you can place your power cords so they are not in the way.

Compact and Lightweight

It might sound silly to carry a laptop stand with you when you travel. The good thing is the stands are lightweight and often fold up. Once folded into a compact shape, they can fit in your bag without adding too much weight. Most stands are designed for both sitting and standing. It works out perfectly for using your computer on the plane or bus.

Prevents Overheating Your Laptop

Due to the laptop stand raising the computer off the table, air can circulate. If there is no air circulating freely around the computer, it can overheat. Some laptop stands come with cooling fans and aerating features. So no matter how long you are on the computer, it won overheat.

Better Comfort Levels Lead To Productivity Improvement

There is a condition known as tech neck. This type of condition comes from improper seating positions. The pain that it causes makes you less productive and more distracted. Laptop stands put you into a better position to be less distracted. Did you know the proper posture will help you breathe better? Something beneficial for your overall wellbeing.

Getting Rid of That Clutter

Reducing clutter is what laptop stands are good at. Many types come with different storage spaces. If you like keeping things organized, try a laptop stand. There is a place for the keyboard and mouse, so they aren’t thrown around everywhere. In addition, you can get stands with extra features such as pen holders and a spot to charge your phone.

Extra Features

Things are not simple anymore. There is no such thing as a basic laptop stand. Instead, laptop stands come with plenty of features, like charging slots and wireless pads. You can even buy trays that can fit under the laptop stand to store paperwork and folders.

No More Spills

We all love a good coffee when working or chatting online with friends. But, drinking any sort of drink near a laptop is a worry. Once water gets inside the computer or the keyboard, it cannot be used. When you use a stand, the laptop is raised off the surface. So, any spills will not touch the laptop.

Better Battery Power

The heat from your laptop can actually decrease your battery life. Having a laptop stand that cools the computer means it won’t need to work as hard and will result in prolonged battery life every time you use it. If you get a better quality stand, it will do a more robust job of increasing the battery life.

Is It Worth Getting a Laptop Stand?

Laptop stands aren’t for everyone, and some people prefer not to use them. Laptop stands have been around for a while now but have grown in features and tech. New models are coming out yearly with more innovations such as tilt angles, adjustable heights, and storage spaces.

In addition, you can buy laptop cooling pads that help the computer stay cool. There is also the benefit of ergonomic positioning when the laptop is raised higher. This will improve your overall posture and get rid of that nagging neck pain. Most stands are not bulky and can be folded to travel or store away.

When shopping for your laptop stand, make sure you check models. Not all laptop models will fit on laptop stands. Find one that is right for your type of computer. If the fans are not located in the correct spot underneath the laptop, it won’t cool it properly.


Laptops have made our life easier in many ways. For example, we can now chat, check emails, and do work when traveling. In addition, given its benefits to your posture, the likeliness of injuries is significantly decreased. They even have spots for everything you need, from paperwork to pens and keyboards. There should be no more spills on the computer keyboard or a risk of electric shock from water entering the mechanics.

Find the right laptop stand for you, one that has everything you need to complete a productive, stress-free job. Browse colors and designs that offer a modern touch. Whatever you choose will set you on the road to a new laptop user experience.

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