Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad Review
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Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad: QUICK OVERVIEW


Fan Size



What We Like

  • A wide range of laptop size computability
  • Large and silent fan
  • Ergonomically designed

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • Quite large and heavy

Overheating laptops are very uncomfortable as well as dangerous. Even though most laptops are designed to be quite resilient, high temperatures are damaging.

With the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad, you have the ability to moderate the temperature of your laptop or notebook. It helps to make computing on your lap more comfortable and protects the integrity of your computer.

Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The largest advantage that this cooling pad has to offer is prolonging the life of your portable computer. When a laptop gets overheated, it can do irreversible damage to your motherboard, hard drive, cooling fan, and more. This leaves you with the need to get costly laptop repairs or to replace your device entirely. In fact, did you know that an overheated computer can also lead to file loss?

The Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad takes a new approach to protective equipment. Not only is it useful because of its great features, but it also looks fantastic. It’s very appealing if you’re using it on your lap while on the couch or at a desk. Our favorite part is the LED lighting that adds to the aesthetic of your workstation or gaming setup.

Who Is This Cooling Pad Meant For?

Anyone who regularly uses a laptop will be able to benefit from the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad. As mentioned, there are plenty of issues that computers can experience from overheating. Why put your computer at risk for damage when there are products designed to keep it safe? You’ll also appreciate how this model is available in different sizes to personally fit your specific laptop.

People who have the tendency to work on plush surfaces will also benefit from the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad. It will keep your laptop level and sturdy while typing, gaming, or answering emails. It also helps to provide air circulation instead of having your computer resting against a blanket or pillow.

What’s Included?

When you order the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad, you’ll receive the cooling pad and a USB cable. The USB cable is to be plugged into your computer to bring power to the fan and the LED lights. There aren’t any additional items that you’ll feel like you’re missing and it comes ready to use.

Overview of Features

The most notable features of the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad include:

Built-In Control Panel

If you want to adjust the light settings of the cooling pad, you can use the versatile built-in control panel. It has buttons for the speed of the fan, the color mode, and the light mode.

200mm Silent Fan

Instead of having to listen to the repetitive droning of a computer fan, this one is silent. The 200mm fan is integrated within a steel mesh surface that offers superior airflow. You’ll also notice that it features superior thermal protection, especially against high temperatures.

Adjustable Heights

Depending on if you need your computer to be elevated or not, there are three height settings. You can adjust your computer from three to 13 degrees for your optimal viewing angle.

Up to 19” Laptop Support

No matter if your computer is 14 inches or 19 inches, the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad will help. Its design is meant to support laptops up to 19 inches in size.

Multiple LED Schemes

With four different LED schemes to choose from, you can customize the look of your lighted cooling fan. The LED settings include full lighted, blink and pulse, RGB spectrum, and wave.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Getting the most out of the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad is very simple. This is what makes it such a great addition to your existing computing setup. The first thing we recommend doing is taking the fan out of its package and adjusting its height.

You’ll want to choose the most ergonomic position for where you want to work or game. You can then connect the fan via USB to your computer and allow it to power on. Using the buttons to adjust the color settings, choose the lighting scheme that you like the most.


Simply because cooling fans are so important to computers running for hours on end, there are plenty. Our favorite alternative to the Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad is the Havit HV-F2056. Not only is it half of the price, but it also has a few extra features, including:

Ultra-Slim Design: For optimal portability, the Havit cooling fan is very thin and can easily be packed.

On-Board USB Ports: There is a built-in hub with dual USB ports. This allows you to connect more devices to your cooling fan.


The Thermaltake Laptop Cooling Pad is designed for the everyday computer user. You’ll also be able to benefit from using it if you’re someone who likes playing games. With the ability to connect it directly to your laptop, your devices will never overheat again. Also, you’ll notice your computers will have a much longer lifespan.

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