What to Look For in a Laptop Table?

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Since 2020, and the rise of studying and working from home, there’s one thing we’ve learned from all the video conferences we’ve held: laptops and monitor users often do not have a proper support system in place. Not only does this lead to poor picture quality on the laptop display, but it also contributes to poor body position and posture, which affects your back, shoulders, and neck, among other things.

The most common design features to look for when purchasing a laptop table include the following:

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Ease of use

While investing in a laptop stand may seem like a simple process when considering only the factors mentioned above, it isn’t that straightforward.

In this article, we will take a closer look at each of these design features to help you choose the ideal laptop stand option to improve your workplace wellness and desk setup.


If you’re planning on buying a portable laptop stand, then the most obvious (and important) factor you’ll need to consider is selecting the right-sized item to keep your laptop steady. A laptop stand that is too small will create the risk of your laptop falling off and may even become unusable if you prefer using an external keyboard or mouse. At the same time, a laptop stand that’s too big may be difficult to set up and uncomfortable to work on, but it may be necessary for heavy products such as chunkier gaming laptops.

The safest method, albeit somewhat old-fashioned, is to take a manual measurement of the laptop and search for a stand of the exact size. This will also help drown out the plethora of options in the market and streamline your selection criteria.

Another crucial point directly related to the item’s size is its portability. Laptop stands come in various models and types and depending on your style of working, you can select between a portable or fixed option, even for the largest laptops. If you’re planning on buying a new laptop stand, take a moment to consider where you’re likely to be using it the most, as well as your desk setup.


The perfect laptop stand would be light and compact to allow you to carry it around easily while also being strong enough to manage heavy laptops and even a fall without breaking. One should always opt for high-quality, durable material such as carbon fiber, which is also heat resistant and aesthetically appealing. They are also lightweight, which makes them perfect for moving around with you, and they are easy on different desk surfaces.


The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” often runs true when purchasing equipment, and there is no exception when it comes to laptop stands. While cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality, it is often an indicator of this and should be factored into your decision-making process.

However, this does not mean that you should head out and buy the most expensive laptop stand on the market. You should look for an option that you can comfortably agree matches the price tag and meets all your requirements.

Luckily, online shopping has made it possible for searchers to keep an eye out for limited-time deals and filter options by price, ratings, material type, etc., which is a huge help in your selection process.


Market reviews are one the most helpful pieces of information available to buyers in today’s ocean of product providers. These reviews help shape the reputation of many products and play a crucial role in future users deciding on the effectiveness and use of a product.

Before making a final decision, potential buyers should consider the product ratings and reviews and focus on options that have received predominantly good feedback. This may play the determining factor in choosing a good or poor option.

Ease of Use

The laptop was the result of advancing the common desktop PC, and the point of this was to make it possible to work online from anywhere. Your laptop stand should be just the same.

Some of the factors to consider include the following:

  • Amount of time to set up
  • Requirement of special tools to set up
  • Complexity to assemble

Suppose you’re opting for a larger laptop stand. In that case, you should be able to easily identify the benefits of the additional size, such as the ability to adjust the stand and laptop angle to different heights that match different surfaces. Another key consideration with large laptop stands is storage space, which these types of products should not require much.

While the factors above will likely point you in the right direction, there are a few other considerations you could factor in if you’re still a little unsure.


An appealing appearance is one major priority for most people when choosing any product, not just a laptop stand. While factors such as durability and size are arguably more important than the design with color options, you should still try to choose a laptop stand that suits your style.

If you intend to work from home, an option that suits your home’s interior decor may be suitable. Some of the materials that laptop stands come in include wood, metal, lightweight plastic, and carbon fiber. Choosing an elegant-looking laptop stand can help your workplace look good and help you feel better when working, which may even improve your productivity.


This should be a must-have option for any good laptop stand. As a portable device, your laptop allows you to work from anywhere; therefore, your laptop stand should be equally flexible, enabling you to have an adjustable laptop as well.

Height and angle options are among the key considerations and will come in handy when moving from your desk to the bed or outdoors to the coffee shop.

laptop table

Types of Laptop Stands

Now that we have the basic considerations for selecting a laptop stand, we can look at the available types.

Single-Height Laptop Stand – This is the most basic type and is a fixed-height laptop stand that typically comprises a metal frame. It elevates by a specified number of inches from the work surface and keeps the laptop flat and steady. Due to their design, these stands enhance air circulation to allow ample airflow, preventing overheating and keeping your laptop cool.

Rain Design is perhaps the most well-known and style-conscious laptop stand manufacturer, offering an assortment of single-height variants for various laptops, such as the Rain Design MStand and MBar. The former provides a durable and foldable design, while the latter option is a sleeker and flatter design that can swivel a full 360°.

Vertical Laptop Stand – More favored among Macbook users, vertical laptop stands are excellent for conserving space when not working. This laptop stand comes in a wide range of options that can accommodate different laptops, such as the Rain Design MTower, which is able to fit most laptops between 0.68 and 0.98″ thick.

Laptop Riser or Mount – While these may not be created specifically for laptops, many people use external monitors in a home-office setting or coworking space to keep the monitor at an elevated position, usually at eye level. These workstation accessories feature several options, such as wall, tabletop, and ceiling mounts. They are simple to assemble on any flat surface and are perfect for 15-inch laptops, 15.6-inch laptops, and up to 17-inch laptops.

Rain Design and Uncaged Ergonomics are among the more popular brands of monitor risers; however, one should bear in mind that these are not the most practical solutions for laptop users. A portable laptop riser, such as the Walnut laptop stand, is less common and typically costs more.

All-in-one stands (Adjustable height and monitor arms, and foldable stands) – Finding a one size fits all solution is difficult, but it’s not impossible. For a little extra cash, you could opt for a laptop stand that features foldable construction, articulating arms, and adjustable height range, such as the Rain Design 2-in-1 Adjustable Monitor and tablet mount stand or a Kensington workplace ergonomics and wellness accessory.

These stands come standard with lightweight anodized aluminum designs and articulated scissor legs that make them simple to adjust in terms of height and viewing angle of the laptop screen. The aluminum surface keeps the laptop steady, the desk space tidier, and can keep the monitor at eye level. Certain options also come with built-in fans and are foldable, making them easy to transport and store.


Rethinking your workspace can make all the difference to your approach to your work or study beyond just improving your posture. The variety of laptop stands available can make it overwhelming to choose a suitable option; however, by assessing your workspace and intended usage, you can easily narrow down the options to find the most suitable one. A great way to get started is to rank the essential requirements you are looking for in a laptop stand and check the reviews and ratings of previous users.

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